Addressing 6G Security Threats and Privacy Trough ITS

The newly-launched PRIVATEER project promotes privacy as a primary requirement in the development of 6G security enablers. The emergence of 6G will widen the landscape of potential threats for users and ecosystems, including ITS. It is thus necessary to improve the current approach towards the security threats landscape and aim for stricter and more sophisticated security controls in order to ensure privacy.


6G technology will be deployed extensively, which means that Edge Computing will be further employed as network functions, processing capabilities, content and applications will be distributed to the edge of the network. The challenge for security enablers in future networks is to address the need to preserve the privacy of all actors in the 6G chain while enabling an extended deployment of interconnected edges. 

PRIVATEER will study use cases related to security and privacy of the connected mobility sector in order to develop new security frameworks. For example, the project’s privacy-first security enablers could be used to secure the communication and exchange of data between connected vehicles and roadside infrastructure.

PRIVATEER to enhance security of data platforms

The more interconnected verticals and industries, the larger the targeted and observed threat landscape will grow. To ensure security and privacy, data flows need to be protected. One option is to develop platforms and integrate them in PRIVATEER’s use cases. For example, the 5GMETA Platform could benefit from the privacy-first security enablers developed in PRIVATEER in ensuring security and privacy of the data exchanged between connected vehicles and roadside infrastructure. 

By enhancing security of data flows, more and more actors will be able to contribute to the development of CCAM’s interconnections, also by increasing the utilisation of platforms. The result will be an acceleration in the deployment of CCAM and larger reliability of ITS edges.

Addressing 6G security threats and privacy

The aim of PRIVATEER is to promote privacy as a primary requirement in the development of 6G security enablers, facilitating alignment with the privacy-oriented EU 6G vision and compliance with the GDPR and the upcoming ePrivacy regulation

The main objectives include an overall identification of the threat landscape in 6G, with a specific focus on upcoming threats. These threats have to be investigated in a number of use cases like e-health, immersive smart city, interconnected vehicles, etc. Privacy and security are essential elements in the development and deployment of ITS and CCAM.  PRIVATEER will play a crucial role in promoting privacy as a primary requirement in the development of 6G infrastructure. Such infrastructure will have to be future-ready in order to allow large-scale deployment of CCAM.

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